Featured Book of the Month

Deva and the Soul Snatcher: An Environmental Fantasy by B. R. Wilson


Matt muttered under his breath, keeping his voice low enough that his father wouldn’t hear. “I can just imagine how fun it’s going to be, taking a ten-thousand-year-old fairy to school with me and pretending she’s small because meth stunted her growth. . .

Humanity is one race, one sacred body, one with nature.

The wisdom of spiritual traditions builds societies that value all people,
regardless of creed, race, or gender


SpiritBooks LLC

SpiritBooks searches for ways to find an adult spiritual vision by exploring our spiritual links to the earth and each other. Instead of literal adherence to ancient holy books, it emphasizes an actual experience of divinity. Instead of doctrines that separate people, it emphasizes what we hold in common. Instead of seeking only individual salvation, it emphasizes creating a better world. Love of God and love of neighbor, we believe, is at the core of transformative religion. It is at the core of the books we publish.

The latest of our books, The Wind is the Breath of God, is a family saga that takes modern people through the violent twentieth century in Israel, Europe, and America. The novel challenges certainties that have divided people of faith who remain on the surface of the Judeo-Christian tradition. Readers of this novel explore an adult understanding of the religion they took literally in childhood and perhaps came to doubt as they grew up. That is what the characters in this book do, as they develop spiritually throughout their lives. They do not strive only to enjoy money, sex and power, but to find the meaning and mystery at the heart of human experience. The message of Jesus, which offended authorities in his day, comes through loud and clear. This book will shock some believers, infuriate others, and challenge those who believe religion is irrelevant to modern life. But it will leave no one unmoved by the struggles and spiritual transformation of these believable contemporary people.

In our spiritual fiction, you’ll find characters who opt for compassion and some who opt for control over others. You’ll find a stray dog who follows Jesus Christ in a way his human followers have not the devotion or faith to do. You’ll find a man who gives all his money so his beloved dog can walk again. And a woman whose values bring together environmental stewardship and Christian prayer.